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Kann mich irgendjemand hören?
Kann mich irgendjemand sehen?
Ist vielleicht irgendwer da draußen,
dem es ganz genau so geht?
Für den die Welt sich zu schnell dreht,
der diesen Wahnsinn nicht versteht?

hey, hey...
so another month ist over and actually i don't it to be this way, i don't want to just post an entry every month, i really want to be a BETTER lj friend!
sadly i am not reading as many lj entries of you, my friends as i should be reading...
and on top of that i decided to make a friends cut...i need my flist to be smaller and more like a familiy and so on...so the previous entry was a friends cut =/ hopefully you have noticed that... i deleted you all *hee that sounds so mean*, but please everyone, who is interested in being and staying my friend, pleeeease leave a comment there =)

k what else is up, not much i guess, the past weeks, i was alone in Magdeburg and "worked" in my non-profit association (kunstverein derART), most of the time it's fun, like when we have photo courses...i want a dslr so badly now.
Hope my parents buy one for their favourite daughter :D
Oh although i decided to break off my "old academic studies" (Medienbildung) i wanted to write the exams in computer science, and i learned for them aaaand i got a 2 and a 1 heee, that really made me happy =) yeah, speaking of future and school and such, i got the internship in the radio station i told you about (radio SAW), and i can't wait til June =)

lj-related: i haven't made icons, it seems like i'll never ever gonna touch Photoshop again, idk.
oooh watching Grey's Anatomy right now, yay me, i finally made it...
12 March 2010 @ 09:31 pm
sooo here is the announced friends cut.
As i said i remove you all from my flist and hope a lot of you will comment to stay or rather get back on my list =)
well otherwise, it was fun and nice and i loved being your friend, but everthing comes to an end :P, i guess and nevertheless it was a great time!
Time for change is nooow^^ for you, who decide to stay with me til the end of time :D

Take care guys.

P.S. comments will be screened.
P.P.S I hope you all don't get me wrong, it just a kind of test, to see who actually wants to keep in touch with me you know?
I think i had/have a lot of people on my list, who don't know me and likewise, so it only logic an convenient to not "bother" eachother anymore, don't know how to express this without sounding totally mean and so on, but i hope you know what i mean. i just want my flist smaller and cuddlier^^
24 December 2008 @ 09:39 pm
...it's totally stressful, just 3 things i need to get off my chest^^... (actually i had planned on posting this this afternoon, but somehow photobucket let me down... *le sigh*)
01. thank youuuuu so much Anna aka abernathi, i just love when i receive postcards^^they rock :P
02. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, i adore you guys *1000 kisses* Have some wonderful days :)
03. the promised picspam...unfortunately i have no banner or header for it, but i have the feeling i will soon be making a wallpaper, since i'm so hyper obsessed with this movie ;)
Dancin' in the moonlight Everybody's feeling warm and bright It is such a fine and natural sight Everybody's dancin' in the moonlightCollapse )
oh i have a fourth thing - Prison Break totally ROCKED, i can't express how devoted i am to this show and cast <3